Leverage your strengths and superpowers to master your strategy, influence, relationships, and execution.

I'll help you harness what you do best to maximize your time, money, and energy!

Leverage your strengths and superpowers to master your strategy, influence, relationships, and execution.

I'll help you harness what you do best to maximize your time, money, and energy!

As an entrepreneur, small business owner, or corporate leader, you wear many hats - but that doesn't mean you have to #doitall perfectly!

Discover how to utilize your innate talents and skills to improve your personal performance, business growth, and overall happiness at work and in life.

You may think you know what you're good at, but...

Do you have solid habits and systems set up to support your potential, rather than just upholding your current state?

Do you know how to counterbalance your weaknesses, so they don't drain your energy?

Do you need practical and actionable ways to ensure you spend most of your day working within your "zone of genius?"

Knowing what you're good at is only 10% of the equation. To capitalize on your strengths, you need to reinforce what comes naturally.

Hi, I’m Dr. Judy Oskam, your Strengths Coach.

I'm here to help you discover and leverage your strengths to work and live a better life.


As a professor at Texas State University, accredited in public relations, with a TV news and video/documentary production background, I understand the importance of strategic communication.

As a Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach and Tiny Habits Certified Coach, trained by Stanford University researcher BJ Fogg and Linda Fogg-Phillips, I'm prepared to bring actionable steps to your professional development.

How my Top 5 Strengths are assets to our work together:

  • Ideation: I naturally consider multiple perspectives and bring innovative ideas to help you work smarter rather than harder.
  • Strategic: I help you find alternative paths and determine the best solution to stay on track as you reach your potential.
  • Futuristic: A visionary, I easily preview, predict and forecast. I'll demonstrate how to turn your aspirations into reality.
  • Significance: I strive to make people better professionally and personally. Leaving a legacy is important; I'll help you get there.
  • Responsibility: Dependable and loyal; you can rely on me to be honest and forthright as we work toward achieving your goals.

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My experience and strengths intersect with my desire to help you:

Align your life’s directions with your values

Communicate your personal brand

Transition to a new career

Hire the right people for your team

Maximize your time and habits

Improve and appreciate your home-life connections

Amplify your work team’s strengths

And so much more…

Coaching/Training Sessions

I help entrepreneurs, educators, and corporate leaders develop and leverage their strengths, lead with intention, and courageously explore new opportunities.


For this course, I’ve partnered with Dr. BJ Fogg, founder of Stanford University’s Behavior Design Lab, and Stephanie Weldy, behavior design and employee health expert. BJ is the author of the best-selling book - Tiny Habits: The Small Changes that Change Everything.

You’ll learn how to align your Strengths with the Tiny Habits method to lead with intention and make a positive impact.

Included in this course:

  • 10 modules with video lessons
  • Tips from high performing professionals
  • The Gallup CliftonStrengths Assessment (a $19.99 value)
  • 5 PDF downloads
  • Lifetime access, learn at your own pace
  • BONUS 20-page workbook (PDF download)
  • BONUS 1:1 Strategy Call

What you’ll learn:

  • The proven formula for creating change using the Tiny Habits method
  • Your Top 5 Strengths according to Gallup CliftonStrengths
  • Ideas for designing Tiny Habit recipes based on your natural talents
  • Strategies to combine your strengths and Tiny Habits to maximize your potential and your life


We'll explore your complete talent profile from the Gallup CliftonStrengths assessment.

  • 60-minute Zoom session
  • Understand your Top 10 Strengths and how to capitalize on them
  • Improve strategic communication using your strengths
  • Review where you need support to develop your strengths further
  • Determine and plan for 3-5 Tiny Habits to provide support

Prerequisite: Take the Gallup CliftonStrengths All 34 Assessment at least 24 hours before our session. You can buy the assessment here.

Manager/Leader Session: $500

Discover how your strengths influence your leadership style to optimize your team's performance and your personal brand.

  • 60-minute session
  • CliftonStrengths Managers Assessment (included)
  • Delegate and manage more effectively
  • Discover how your Top 10 strengths are your biggest leadership asset
  • Seek out team members who complement your strengths and fill in the gaps where you have weaknesses
  • Improve strategic communication using your strengths

Sales Session: $500

Bring clarity to your role and strengthen your sales effectiveness.  This new Gallup report will help you create mutually beneficial relationships with your customers and sales team.   

  • 60-minute session
  • CliftonStrengths for Sales Report (assessment included)
  • Discover how your distinct CliftonStrengths profile sets you apart from every other salesperson
  • Learn how each strength gives you an advantage in your selling
  • Apply your strengths to approach new customers, retain current customers and hit your sales goals

Custom Solutions & Speaking

Do you want to provide more value for your clients, staff or students? I partner with organizations, coaches/trainers, and course creators to create custom presentations and programs. I will work with you to design a presentation or Master Class as a bonus or add-on for your audience. Email me at connect@judyoskam.com to find out more!

Learn how to create successful habits. I’ll be your coach for BJ Fogg’s free Tiny Habits® 5-Day Program.


The course 'Tiny Habits for Entrepreneurs' was a great program.

I had no prior experience with the Gallup® CliftonStrength’s® analysis, but going through that evaluation of my skills was extremely helpful and the results of it seemed, to some degree, to be a great representation of what I already perceived my skills to be.  In addition, however, the results also opened my eyes to strengths that I had not perceived as clearly which has given me a new insight on my abilities. Most importantly, the course also showed me how to use the Tiny Habits® method to further grow and develop my strengths. I will be able then to apply both the previously ascertained strengths and newly recognized strengths, further developed by the Tiny Habits® method, to grow my business and succeed with it. Judy’s enthusiasm, dynamism and approachability were a key part of the course, and, as a result, I scheduled additional time with her which was very beneficial."

"My time working with Judy has transformed the way I see myself and my business.

Judy used specific tools and strategies to teach me that I was spending too much time worrying about my weaknesses when instead I should be capitalizing on my strengths. Through her coaching, she pointed out how I could use my unique strengths as a female entrepreneur to grow my brand."

- Wendy

"What truly connected with me this semester was learning that I am an 'ideator' after taking the assessment test.

It helped me to better understand myself as a person, which is helpful for personal and professional growth."

- College senior

"I love Judy’s coaching style. It’s the perfect mix of daily check-ins, positive feedback, and encouragement.

I enjoyed the automated daily quick checks that prompted me to double-check my efforts. These daily quick checks came with additional nuggets of learning if I happened to have the time to dig deeper or I could respond with a simple yes/no to update my progress."

"It was great to work with Judy. I liked how she personalized the TinyHabits training with other knowledge concerning my StrengthFinder.

I feel that it helped to maximize my benefit of TinyHabits while also continuing to encourage me to explore my strengths."

- Barbie

I found the results of the Gallup assessment to be shockingly accurate, deeply personal, and completely reassuring. Dr. Oskam’s years of experience as a researcher and educator, and her deep understanding of the personality attributes, make her an extraordinarily perceptive coach.

Talking with Dr. Oskam after getting the results made the assessment actionable. She was masterful in guiding our conversation and peppered it with equal amounts of empathy and good humor.

This has been a tough year for everyone, especially those of us in leadership positions. As I emerge from the pandemic, I have a much clearer sense of what energizes me, and in turn, I am more aware of the value I offer as a leader.”

- Josh

Judy Oskam was awesome!

I definitely don't know many people that would be as positive and great with replies and cheering us on! She is such an inspiring person herself and makes such a difference to have as a tiny habits coach and professor!

Judy Oskam helped me to decompose my tiny habit recipe even further, so it will be simple to do.

Once again I have purpose.

My shoes are on so I can hope to take a walk this morning. My face is clean and feels wonderful because I properly used my 'true Science' system. I have a meaningful schedule for my morning, early afternoon, nap time and fun time. My celebration for completing this will be to read from "The Magic" while sipping my AXIO and listening to light jazz. Thank you!

Dr. Oskam empowered us to develop a unique plan that will enhance our own strengths and areas of improvement.

Dr. Oskam was very knowledgeable but allowed us to be the expert and challenged ourselves to do self-reflection to our own leadership goals.

The coaching session with Dr. Oskam was of great value to better understand my strengths as a leader and how I can lean into these strengths when working with different teams and team members.

Dr. Oskam was also instrumental in helping me recognize that leaders come in all shapes, sizes, and skill sets.

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