Life is one big transition.

-Willie Stargell

For some people, one of the hardest challenges in life is accepting change.  Change disrupts our normal routine, the daily pace and sense of all things familiar.  I’ve always welcomed transition and have tried to be a change agent in order to improve systems and organizations.  That is, however, until my oldest daughter left for college.    This life transition hit me like a brick.  She wasn’t going far so logically I knew I would see her often.  But this was a new role for me and my daughter, a true right of passage.

One of the ways I learn is by talking with experts to seek guidance and advice.  So my first calls were to my mom (now 86) and sister-in-law.   Both had sage advice.  My dear mother assured me Dani would be fine – she was ready for this step.  My sister-in-law encouraged me to ‘cry in the shower like a winner’ so my new college freshman would focus on her own life and not worry about me.  She also shared another strategy that I’ve already tried.  I told my daughter we were both going through a transition phase.  I asked her to be patient with me when I asked about her status or texted a little more often just to know she was safe and sound.  I love this approach because it lets my daughter know that transition is a part of life and we can find ways to successfully move through the process.

Life really is one big transition.

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