Changing your outlook is challenging.

First and foremost, my ‘every day awesome’ approach requires the adventurer to commit and adopt a new mindset.  With the focus on continual growth and self-improvement, some will see this as a ‘me centered’, rather selfish endeavor.  My brother might ask if this is a ‘woman thing’?  Maybe it is, I’m not sure.  Women are conditioned early to do for others and take care of their family and friends.  The media is quick to tell us we might be able to ‘have it all’ but just ‘not at the same time’.  Media messages tell us how to dress, think, love, feel and what to buy in order to achieve success, beauty, happiness, etc.

Adopting an Every Day Awesome mindset suggests that – with the right amount of effort and focus – daily life activities can be better. This is a holistic mind, body and spirit approach.   But it’s the little things that make a difference.  And life is full of little things.  An example could be a simple as brewing an outstanding cup of coffee at home instead of going through the drive through on the way to work.   This might require that you get up 15 minutes earlier but it saves you time and money.

And you become your own barista.

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