Welcome to my home on the web.

  • Tahoe Sunset
  • Texas
  • Lake Tahoe - California
  • Fairy Tree - Ireland
  • The Vatican 2017
  • Mechelen, Belgium
  • London


I’m a university professor and lifelong learner working in the Texas State University School of Journalism and Mass Communication.  First and foremost, however,  I’m a proud Mom, ‘trophy’ wife, daughter, sister, aunt and friend.

This site is clearly a work in progress.  In order to learn this process, I enlisted the assistance and guidance of webmaster Mary Catherine Underbrink.  She got me on the path and now I’m having fun traveling the back roads on my own.  What a creative adventure.

Red Thread
The colored ribbon in my logo represents the red thread of Chinese adoption.  According to an ancient Chinese proverb, an invisible red thread connects those destined to be together.